SUNFLEX aluminium bifold doors lead the way in innovation and design, setting the standards for other companies to follow. Rather than emphasising on only one or two elements that make the SUNFLEX doors stand out, there are countless features that make the SF55 and SF75 head and shoulders above the rest. German design and manufacture, slim sight lines, contemporary, square edged profiles throughout and colour matched furniture in line with the frame make SUNFLEX doors the best looking on the market. Choose between our award-winning SF55 and SF75 - the only German made system with a BSI Kitemark certificate - the perfect combination.

Aluminium is an ideal material as it’s light, strong and stable with slim profile sections to minimise the visible framework and maximise the glass area. Gain reassurance in the most exposed locations with this virtually maintenance free material.

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Minimise the division between a glazed roof with folding or sliding doors below by having a fully integrated thermally broken aluminium lean-to roof system specially designed and made to measure to your exact requirements by Scandinavian Window Systems Ltd. 

Removing the need of additional structural support with an integral I-beam steel hidden within the roof structure which then sits on your wall or supports on either side. Accommodating clear spans up to 6m and offering a built in horizontal aluminium colour matched gutter.

With other conventional aluminium roof systems, the base of the glass units and rafters are left exposed where they over sail into the guttering which gives very poor insulation and the increased possibility of condensation forming internally on the bottom of the glass units, a familiar problem to many owners of roof systems. With a SUNFLEX UK lean to roof system this problem is eliminated. The rafters and the base of the glass units remain insulated within our roof beam structure ensuring a far superior insulated roof.

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